40 Pin Universal adapter

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Use any breadboard friendly development board, sensor or module with up to 40 pins. Easily connect two most popular non breadboard friendly board – ESP01 or NRF24LO1 as well. That’s it? Naaaa. You can also directly connect your Raspberry Pi Zero, Zero W, Zero 2 W, 3 Model A, 3 Model B, 4, 5 or any other board with the same header to the breadboard. Possibilities are endless, found any other use of it ? Share with us on Instagram, we would love to share it with more people.

This product is designed, manufactured and assembled in India by Electroboffin.

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There are two variants of the adapter viz., Assembled and unassembled.

Assembled: You don’t have to worry about anything, just order it and tinker.

Unassembled: Hmm! You love soldering na? It’s a good option for you, just solder 248 pins without burning the pre-soldered ones 😉


A few use Cases:

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