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1. Upside Down Labs: They are India’s 1st company to introduce most affordable DIY Neuroscience kits to make neuroscience accessible for students and researchers all around the world to revolutionize the projects using HCI & BCI. Also, all of their products are completely Open source.

They will enable us with their amazing Neuroscience kits along with guidance for software.

2. DF Robot: They are the manufacturer of a lot of amazing product lines that includes Huskylens, Romeo, Bluno, Gravity, Boson and the UNIHIKER (latest release) which makes prototyping easier and goal oriented. They also do Open source a bunch of their products as well. They will empower us with their innovative hardware products for our projects & products.

3. Capuf Embedded: When it comes to Embedded Hardware Design, Firmware development and PCB test automation with the finest quality results, look no further than experts at Capuf Embedded Private Limited led by Mr. Pallav Aggarwal. Their best quality truly MADE IN INDIA products are already available in the market to blow your mind.

4. Void Robotics: Every robotics company in this world have a goal to fulfill and Void Robotics is one of a few companies who are targeting to build robots to solve the major world problems especially the world hunger to make this world a better place for living. And they will be empowering us with their expertise in building the robots. The company is led by Mr. Nathan George.

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