Product Review Terms

This page is specially curated for the companies, brands or an individual selling product who wanted to send us product for the purpose of review or testing and want us to prepare content around the same. And as a consumer of our content in any form either videos or articles, you are also welcomed to read these product review terms to have a better understanding what content you are consuming. The major focus of our content is to entertain our consumers with knowledge, so we don’t accept anything that doesn’t add any value to the life of our Consumers.

Firstly, we don’t accept every product that exist in the market, and here is a list of those products that we are currently accepting.

  1. 3D Printers, Dryer box, Filament and any related accessories like motherboard, upgrade kit, etc.
  2. Laser cutters and related accessories 
  3. Electronics components (Development board, sensors, breakout boards, Displays & modules)
  4. Robots and robotics DIY kits (Must not be a toy).
The product that we can accept and use, but will not be able to make special content around it. But we will try our best to include it in as many videos as possible. This category includes tools such as Soldering Irons, soldering stands, Microscopes, oscilloscopes, Power supplies, multimeters, Vernier caliper, screwdrivers, etc. 

We don’t promote any gambling app, betting app, or any other services that may harm the consumer of my content in any way. Please don’t contact for such promotions. 

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To deliver the best experience to the consumers of our content, customers, sponsors and supporters, we keep on revising this page periodically.

Last updated on: 25 NOV 2023, 08.48PM IST