About Us

What does electroboffin mean, you might ask? So, it’s a combination of two words “Electro” which is from the word Electronics & other is “Boffin” which is a British slang term for a scientist, engineer, or a person engaged in technical or scientific research & development. We define Electroboffin  as “An electronics guy with a mechanical brain typing code for robots built using 3D printing and connecting them to the internet (IoT in short) to make them fly (drones) to make them look out of this world (I mean cool)” that define our areas of interest and is not limited to it 🙂

Padmalaya Rawal, Founder

I am Er. Padmalaya Rawal and I love to bake and break robots.  I play with all the above-mentioned technologies daily. My passion for these techs allowed me to start Electroboffin in 2022.

Watch my amazing projects: